Behold A Delightful Myriad Of Art Styles!

Be dazzled by the art of Million Arthur cards, which feature the works of more than 50 renowned illustrators around the world! Keep your eyes peeled for the unique art styles of Hidari, VOFAN and Takehito Harada, just to name a few, and remember to snag them all into your card collection!

Grow Your Collection With Various Events!

It’s never a dull day with Million Arthur, not with plenty of interesting events to keep you occupied! Grab rewards for logging into the game daily and even stand to win special cards available only during seasonal events!

An Enthralling Adventure Awaits!

The story of Million Arthur is written by none other than Kazuma Kamachi (鎌池和馬), a famous Japanese light novel author. Let the pen of this talented writer weave you through an epic adventure that you will never forget!

Show Off Your Combo Prowess!

Pair up different cards and power up for a combo attack! Arrange your deck to unleash a full-out attack combo or defense combo – it’s up to your battle style! Collect more cards to unlock different combo pairings and be the strongest Arthur of them all!


Sure Win Million Rare Gacha Event - Rock The Roll! Event

Make the last Gacha roll your most memorable one! With the removal of SR and SR+ cards and a holo rate boost in the premium Gacha, there’s no better time to press that button to see what RNGesus will bless you with. For the lucky Arthurs amongst us, you could snag the...

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Guardian Boss - Guardians Of Faith Event

Guardian Boss (1st October – 6th November 2015)
Event ends on 6th November 1200HRS (GMT+8)

Three ladies keep a vigilant guard over the realms, strongly believing that a brave Arthur will conquer all obstacles to meet them. Don’t make them wait in vain, King Arthur, for their...

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Collectibles Event - Lady Of The Crown (1st October –... Event

Collectibles Event (1st October – 6th November 2015)
Event ends on 6th November 1200HRS (GMT+8)

Not all thieves are made equal – some steal more than the rest. Take Thief – Faith for example, she has stolen our hearts along with her Jewel Crowns. Help her out in her little...

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Dark Terror Boss Battle Event (1st October - 6th... Event

Boss Battle Event (1st October – 6th November 2015)
Event ends on 6th November 1200HRS (GMT+8)

This October, be careful not to stay out too late because the Halloween ladies are on the prowl. Face them… if you dare, but be warned, for these beauties know how to kick some...

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Game patch (1 October 2015) Notice

Dear King Arthurs,

There will be a game patch on 01 October 2015 (Thursday) starting from 1200HRS(noon, GMT+8).

The game service will be unavailable and is expected to resume by 1700HRS(GMT+8). Look forward to new events and faeries when the game is available!

You are...

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