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Summer Beach Party
Summer is Here!

The warmth of Summer has arrived, and the annual Summer Beach Party is going strong in Camelot! But things have taken a turn for the worse and it’s all because of the evil wizard Merlin! He’s been sneakily taking photos of the ladies in their swimwear and trapping their bodies and souls in those photos! Merlin then made his getaway by turning some of the ladies into berserk fighters who will attack anyone in sight, before slipping away into the shadows.

Can anyone put a stop to his perversely evil plans?! King Arthurs! Hunt all of the Swimsuit Photographs down to save the ladies of Camelot today!

Million Rare Unleashed!Expand

The beautiful Million Rare ladies are making their debut this Summer in Million Arthur!

Be the first to these powerful lasses into your team today!

Swimsuit PVP Mania!

Summer is the perfect time to just chill out at the beach, but that seems impossible for now, no thanks to the evil schemes of Merlin. The evil wizard MUST be stopped and we’re seeking the strongest King Arthurs to hunt Merlin down.

Battle against other King Arthurs to showcase your strength! The worthy ones amongst us will be given epic rewards!

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Collectible and Ranking Event

Nobody knows why Merlin is taking swimsuit shots of the ladies, but one thing is for sure - it can’t be anything good! We suspect his camera is laced with evil magic and every time he hits the snap button, the soul of the targeted female is entrapped in the photograph, and her real physical self disappears from the world!

A few of our Camelot ladies have already fallen victim to Merlin’s evil scheme, and even the new MR girls are not spared! It’s now up to you to save these ladies! Simply collect Swimsuit Photographs and more to break Merlin’s spell and bring the ladies back to Camelot!

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Summer Beach Party

It’s Summer in Camelot… and this means a Summer Beach Party! MR Swimsuit – Nimue (x6 multiplier) is here to join the fray, along with her friends SR+ Swimsuit – Simcheong (x5 multiplier) and SR+ Swimsuit – Arthur: Techno Smith (x5 multiplier).

With these awesome girls in your team, it’s gonna be a breeze to bring peace back to Camelot!

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Summer Combo Sisters

Ahhh, warm sand, cool breeze, lovely sun! Hey, you don’t think the Faeries will miss out on all these Summer partying do you? To welcome the warmth of Summer, the SR+ Faerie sisters, Fay, Reafe and Elle will be making a debut appearance in the Gacha Shop too… in their swimsuits of course!

The Faerie sisters will not have any multiplier effects on their cards. However, putting all three of them in a deck will unleash a special combo that will devastate your enemies!

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Save the Beach Beauties

The annual Summer Beach Party of Camelot is meant to be a happy affair but the evil wizard Merlin has been spoiling everyone’s day. He is caught taking pictures of the ladies in swimsuit, and has made his escape by turning the sweet Snail Bride and Lavia into crazed fighting machines.

King Arthurs, subdue the girls before the Summer Beach Party turns into a bloodbath!

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Special Summer Event

From 2nd Oct 2014, 0000hrs (GMT+ 8) to 7 Oct 2014, 2359hrs (GMT +8), 10 lucky King Arthurs can stand to win a Holofoil Gratitude – Nimue card in our special Summer Beach Party Event!

All you need to participate in this contest is:

    1. A camera phone
    2. Instagram app
    3. A creative mind for the theme: Million Arthur Summer Beach Party

Simply take a photo related to the theme and upload them to Instagram with the following details:

  1. Your MA IGN
  2. Your MA Invite ID
  3. And hashtagmillionarthursummer

Note: Your entry will be void if any of the above information is missing!

Strike a pose for Nimue today!